Top Tips For Traveling With A Toddler

This post was written by my good friend Sarah. Mother to 3, and an occasional traveler. Sarah provides some handy tips on how to travel with a toddler, where in the car or on a plane!


Tips on Traveling With a Toddler on a Plane

aircraft-jet-landing-cloud-46148Sometimes we need to fly to any particular destination with our kids along with us. However, parents usually have a harrowing time in controlling their children and taking care of them while flying. In the following paragraphs, we have provided some useful tips on how to travel with a toddler on a plane

  1. Always provide your kid with plenty of fluids during the journey, and ensure that he or she is eating or drinking during the takeoff as well as landing. This will help you to adjust your child to the alterations in the air cabin pressure.
  2. It will be a smart idea to keep an additional set of clothing for your kid as well as adequate nappies while flying. Also, make it a point to take a spare top for yourself in case your infant pees on you.
  3. Bring enough toys along with you to keep your child engrossed without making him or her feel bored while flying.
  4. Another smart idea would be to reserve a bassinet in case you’d like your kid to sleep during the journey. Also, bring your child’s sleeping clothes along with you.

Tips on Traveling With a Toddler on a Long Car Trip

  1. It might be a nightmare for the parents to travel by car along with their toddlers to a distant location; however, it is possible to enjoy the journey by taking proper measures in advance. Here we have put together some essential guidelines on how to travel with a toddler on a long car trip.
  2. Get your vehicle serviced prior to heading off for the journey and always allow adequate time to reach your destination without any hassles. Never forget to take plenty of breaks during the journey so as to provide your kid with adequate rest and also an opportunity to enjoy some tasty snacks.
  3. Always bring with you lots of snacks as well as drinks for everybody including the kids plus an icebox or cooler so as to keep everything cool in one place.
  4. Go for sunscreen-type window shades to safeguard your baby from the scorching sun. It will also help your toddler to take a nap during the journey in a slightly darker environment.
  5. Make it a point to provide the older kids with a portable DVD player or maybe a handheld computer game while traveling on road for long hours

General Tips for Traveling With a Toddler

Although it can be somewhat challenging to travel with kids, a bit of planning in advance will help to avoid any undesirable parental stress. Below we have mentioned some general guidelines on how to travel with a toddler.

  1. Bring along with you lots of toys which will help to keep your child amused while journeying. Do not offer all the toys at the same time, and instead, replace each toy with a new one once your kid starts getting bored.
  2. Young kids tend to be fussy eaters, and traveling to new destinations can upset their eating routine to a great extent. It will be wrong to assume that you’ll always find those foods at the new location which your child likes. Consequently, make it a point to carry his or her favorite snacks and drinks while traveling.
  3. Kids often suffer from motion sickness. Do not forget to halt at regular intervals so as to provide your kid with the much-needed rest during a journey. Also, ensure that your toddler stares out of the window instead of looking at any particular object inside the car. Keep the windows open for proper circulation of air.
  4. Lastly, bring along with you a medical kit containing items including a thermometer, band-aids, baby paracetamol, anti-itching ointment, and other essential medications.