How to Pack Lightly For Your Overseas Holiday

Packing is perhaps the most agonizing part of traveling. It is hard to decide what to carry and what to leave behind, especially if you are traveling somewhere for the first time.

Although indecision may dog you as you pack up your luggage, it is important that you travel as lightly as you possibly can. You certainly don’t want to be weighed down by baggage that is absolutely unnecessary. Here are a few tips to help you pack light when traveling:

How to Pack Lightly When Traveling

  1. Use a Small Suitcase

When you use a small suitcase or bag, you will be forced to pack as little as you can make do with. The lack of extra space means that you can only pack in the things you consider necessary.

If you choose a big suitcase, you will be very tempted to carry items that you may not need during your trip. Nothing feels half as bad as carrying heavy items half across the globe and not using them at all.

  1. Pack For Your Location

Your location should also determine what items you carry with you and those that you don’t. If you are going to a cold region, then simply pack warm clothes. There is no need to carry a sundress that you may never wear during your trip.

If you need certain protective wear for your journey, then be sure to include that in your suitcase as well. Just ensure that you carry what you will truly need.

  1. Don’t Carry Extra Clothes Just In Case

You cannot always be prepared for everything, even when you are traveling. If you only think about the things that could go wrong, you may end up packing a lot of things in preparation for your imagined calamities.

Just carry the clothes that you will need for the length of time you will spend in your destination. If the weather changes or you desperately need a particular type of clothing, you can always buy it at your destination.

  1. Pack Clothes that Serve a Dual Purpose

Another tip to help you pack lightly is to carry clothes that can be worn twice for different occasions. Jeans are particularly helpful in this respect, since they are quite versatile. You can wear them to different occasions without being inappropriately dressed.

  1. Only Bring Two Pairs of Shoes

Shoes can add unnecessary weight to your luggage, so you should carry as few of them as you can. In fact, try your ultimate best to carry only two pairs of shoes.

Two pairs of shoes are more than enough for a trip overseas. Just make sure than they are versatile and you can wear them to virtually anywhere.

  1. Don’t bring multiple devices

Another important way to save on space and weight is to carry just a few devices. Since you can pretty much do everything on your smartphone, why do you need to carry your laptop with you? Or even your tablet for that matter?

  1. Don’t Pack Heavy Books and Guides

You can also save on some space by not carrying books and guides. Why would you burden yourself when you can download eBooks and even guides to virtually any part of the world?

  1. Never Add after Weighing Your Bag

After you have finished packing, it is important that you weigh your bag. If you find that it’s heavier than it should be, remove some things. But if it is more on the lighter side, just leave it as it is.

Packing lightly is not an easy task. However, you will be immensely grateful if you don’t have to drag a heavy suitcase around with you. Follow the tips above on how to pack light and you will not regret it.