9 Insanely Dangerous Countries to Travel To

There are particular countries that are feared by many tourists. In fact there are some who swear that they simply can’t visit these destinations. Most such countries have one thing in common: they are plagued by some calamity of sorts.

War, terrorism, civil unrest and crime are all reasons why some countries belong to the tourist’s blacklist. Often, citizens in these countries are wallowing in dire poverty which increases their propensity to engage in crime so as to sustain their basic needs.

But most such countries also have a lot to offer travellers. Save for the safety concerns, there is a lot to see and learn from here. This is what makes them tempting and ideal for adventure seekers.

If you are only careful about the places you visit in these countries, you may end up having the experience of a lifetime.

Here are some of the most dangerous countries to travel to in the world, and what makes them viable destinations:

Dangerous Countries to Travel To

  1. Estonia

Estonia is as famous for its ancient structures as it is famous for crime. It is blesses by nature with beautiful scenery, great natural features and extremely clean water. Water sports are the order of the day in most Estonian tourist destinations.

What makes it dangerous are the high levels of crime in the country. The two greatest concerns for travellers should be pick pockets and getting robbed.

You should be wary of strangers who get too close to you. Also, be on the lookout for people who may be following you. There is no telling what they can do if they eventually corner you when you are alone and vulnerable.

  1. Iraq

Most people the world over associate Iraq with terrorism and extremism, and they are not wrong in their assumptions. Iraq is one of the most war torn countries in the world, and has been so for decades.

Given that the Iraqis are not particularly in good terms with Americans, American citizens have good reason to fear visiting the country. Why, there are some acts of violence that have been proven to be targeted at American travellers to Iraq.

  1. Afghanistan

Afghanistan map

This is yet another Asian country that has remained war- torn for ages. It is because of the unceasing war that the country’s economy is in ruins and the tourism industry is almost non- existent.

Taliban attacks and kidnapping are the order of the day in the country. The volatile political climate in the country is a real cause for concern for people who want to visit.

But all is not that gloomy. Although crime is rampant here, you might be relieved to learn that it rarely ever targeted specifically at tourists and if you stay in main population centers, rather than the outskirts you can increase your chances of travelling safely.

For the adventurous souls who aren’t afraid to explore places others won’t, Afghanistan has a lot to offer. The changing landscape in particular is very intriguing. Mountains, lakes, deserts- Afghanistan has it all.

  1. Yemen

Like Iraq and Afghanistan, terrorism makes many afraid to visit Yemen. It is common to see armed groups strutting around in many parts of the country. This sight can inspire untold fear in the heart of any tourist.

But if you strain to see beyond the face of war that taints the country, you will realize that the Yemenis are a warm and friendly people with a vibrant culture. There is truly a lot one can learn about humanity and kindness from these resilient people who have gone through it all.

  1. Pakistan

Yet another country plagued by terrorism, Pakistan may not rank as a favorite destination for most people. Even sadder is the fact that sometimes these acts of terror are targeted at foreigners.

However, in the more peaceful parts of the country, you will get to experience the beauty of nature at its best. You can also engage in countless adventures and water sports.

  1. North Korea

This might not be a hotbed of terror, and neither is crime a concern for any tourists, but the lack of freedom that pervades this country is almost unbearable. This can be largely attributed to the lack of peace between North and South Korea.

You may not have to worry about your safety while here, but you have to put up with the lack of privacy accorded to foreigners. Basically your every move is watched and stepping out of line can have disastrous consequences.

  1. El Salvador

El Salvador’s beauty lies in the rich culture of its natives, the ancient ruins and the raw beauty that nature has endowed it with. Sounds like a perfect destination, doesn’t it? So why did it make it to this list?

The danger in visiting the country is the high crime rate. Kidnapping is quite common, as are organized gangs that walk around brandishing guns.

  1. Burkina Faso

This Western African country was one of the most peaceful countries in the region until recent times. Now, it features on the list of some of the most volatile and poorest countries in the continent.

Political unrest has robbed the country of what little it had in terms of financial prosperity. However, very few countries can boast a culture as rich and music as vibrant as this one does.

  1. Chad

Chad is often associated with the desert, which is no surprise since part of it forms the Sahara. Dry winds and sand are common place here. It is a haven for those who want to experience the beauty of desert life in all its goodness.

However, Boko Haram activities in the country have impeded tourism here. It is also common for tourists to get kidnapped in exchange for ransom.

Even though most of these countries may appear to be extremely dangerous, it can be extremely rewarding to visit them. You need to be vigilant and to ensure that you have a well-conversed tour guide in order to enjoy your trip. Additionally, make sure that you only visit parts of the country that are safe. For the daring souls that decide to visit these countries, stay safe!